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Nevin Lawson suspended two games

Raiders cornerback Nevin Lawson will be serving a suspension to open a season for the second year in a row. According to multiple reports, Lawson has been suspended two games

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Women more prone to concussion’s long-term harms, study shows

After a concussion, women may be at heightened risk of lasting physical and mental symptoms, a new study finds. The study of 2,000 concussion sufferers found that women were more

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Google, BMW, Volvo, and Samsung SDI sign up to WWF call for temporary ban on deep-sea mining

Google, BMW, Volvo and Samsung SDI are the first global companies to have signed up to a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) call for a moratorium on deep-sea mining, the WWF

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Online-only Outriders can be paused in single-player if you have an Nvidia GPU

Outriders, the online shooting, looting, and superpower-slinging game from People Can Fly, finally has a way to pause, but to do it you’ll need to be using an Nvidia graphics

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Two-week-old baby killed by car was premature and ‘shouldn’t have been here yet’

The tragic tot killed in a horror crash has been named as Ciaran Morris who was born four-weeks premature, his family have revealed. The baby’s parents were also today named

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