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Matt Nagy: For different reasons, it didn’t work out with Mitchell Trubisky

The Bears once believed in Mitchell Trubisky. They believed in him so much that they traded the No. 3, 67 and 111 overall choices in 2017 as well as a

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Researchers call for clearer disclosures about added sugars, diet sweeteners and percent juice on product packages

Current labeling regulations and practices fail to give parents and caregivers adequate information, and likely contribute to widespread consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks by young children, according to a new paper

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A billion for every chip-maker who ‘makes in India,’ sources say

India is offering more than $1 billion in cash to each semiconductor company that sets up manufacturing units in the country as it seeks to build on its smartphone assembly

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LG says some phones will get Android 12 updates, but we’re skeptical

LG says it will continue to offer Android OS updates — including an upgrade to Android 12 — for some of its devices after it exits the smartphone business, but

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Sightseers risk their lives as they jump for photo on crumbling 400ft cliff edge

Sightseers risked their lives jumping for a picture perilously close to the edge of a fragile 400ft cliff just days after a council warned of life-threatening rock falls. The women

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