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A woman has shared an upsetting video of a man’s allegedly “creepy” behaviour after she claims she caught him taking a photo of her while she worked out.

Fitness influencer Julia, who has hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok, often shares her latest routines or recipes on the platform.

But one of her latest videos – which has been viewed more than 16 million times – captures something very different.

In it, Julia claims she caught a stranger taking a photo of her working out while she was exercising at the gym.

In the TikTok, she explained: “Was filming a workout back in January when this happened.

“I was watching myself in the mirror so that’s how I saw it.”

Her caption explained that she wasn’t didn’t post the video straightaway because “it was a bit too sensitive at the time.”

“Genuinely curious what you guys think,” she added.

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In the video, Julia can be seen working out her legs while in a side plank and is positioned facing the mirror.

In the background, a man appears as she starts lifting a weight on her leg, and appears to squat down at one point, although it’s unclear to see what is going on.

“He denied he took a picture which made me feel crazy for thinking it,” Julia asked in the TikTok. “What do you think?”

One viewer commented: “OMG u look so scared, that look in your eyes I’m so sorry.”

Another said: “Seeing your face just immediately drop made me so sad. I’m so sorry this is the reality.”

A third replied: “And they get mad when we say we want an all women’s gym lol ok.”

A fourth added: “The anger this makes me feel.”

In a follow-up video, Julia said she decided to report the incident to gym staff, Yahoo! Life reports.

She claims she told staff who confronted the man about it, who allegedly left the gym before returning.

“I told staff and they confronted him about it and he got mad and he left,” she said.

“He then came back in to tell the staff that he was mad and I just tried not to watch because I was extremely uncomfortable.”